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OTSXX(S) Linear Heat Detector

lThe maximum length of the maintenance free sensor cable iskm lSignal processing with OFDR-Technology ... Linear heat detectors are mainly used for applications in traffic tunnels (road and rail... – in conveyor belts in coal power plant – in underground mining, to monitor transport systems – in steel production, to monitor ...
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Conveyor Sensors | Products & Suppliers | Engineering

Description: Use in conveyor technology Rectangular inductive sensors are especially suited for conveying applications thanks to their long sensing ranges. To meet the demands of harsh industrial environments, each model comes with a robust plastic housing with high protection rating.
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Linear Heat Detection Sensor Cable

Linear Heat Detection Sensor Cable NKT Photonics provides the appropriate sensor cable for every application and when working with us we will help you pinpoint the exact cable design and installation appropriate for your project.
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Linear Heat Detector

LWMis a linear heat detector for detecting fire. It is especially suitable for use in ... The black sensor cable with steel netting is prot ected against mechanical influences (e.g. coal conveyor belts) and hostile chemical and biological environments. ... The distance between conveyor belt and sensor cable …
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Power Plant Major Losses

I think Electrical Panel protection with Firetrace Linear Pneumatic Heat Sensing Tube is must, Thanks Vaibhav Gupta
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Fire Fighting Systems Manufacturer,Fire Detection Products ...

Digital Linear Heat Sensing Detector Cables, UL & FM Approved productThese solutions are suitable for a vast array of industrial and commercial applications like Cable Tray, Conveyor, Transformers, Oil tanks, Ware houses, Aircraft Hangers, Cooling Towers etc.
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The basics of Signaline Linear Heat Detection – Signaline ...

Signaline HEAT Linear Heat Detectors are specialist cables designed to sense heat or sudden increases in temperature anywhere along their entire length. They are designed to be used in commercial and industrial fire alarm systems where conventional heat …
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fire detection and anyone used linear heat sensing cable on coal conveyors

Coal Conveyors Analogue Linear heat sensor cable, infra red spark / ember detectors and manual call points . If water spray system is provided the LHS cable and IR detector will be cross zoned to actuate the same.
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Major Power Plant Losses | Power Station | Coal

Cable passes in each floor to be sealed Install fixed fire protection for cable gallerymedium velocity water spray system, Linear Heat Sensing Cable –LHSC for heat detection Drainage facility to be provided for fire fighting water on each floor Maintain fire hydrant system at all times
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HCGE Security Product Data Sheet

GE Security Product Data Sheet HCAnalogue linear heat cable, PVCm d ... as coal conveyors, power cable tunnels, and cable trays. ... to provide the best response with the analogue linear heat sensing cable. The DTL conventional controller provides a fire and fault
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Proactive solutions needed to protect conveyor belts from fire

Schmitz states that by installing the Delta pneumatic-electronic linear heat detector within the conveyor framework at the designated areas, the rapid change in temperature can be detected before ...
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Fire Detection and Alarm System

MCC/Control rooms of all the auxiliaries of BTG and BOP auxiliaries like Coal handling plant, Ash handling plant, Compressed air plant, Fuel oil plant, Raw water/fire water pump house, CW pump house, Water treatment plant, Effluent treatment plant, HVAC system, Chemical treatment plant and other miscellaneous pump house. ... Linear heat sensing ...
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HCDGE Security Product Data Sheet

e GE Security Product Data Sheet HCDDigital heat sensing cable&#;Cm d User friendly The digital linear heat cable is suitable for many applications where conventional heat detectors cannot be used.
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Protectowire Linear Heat Detector

Protectowire Linear Heat Detector is a proprietary cable that detects heat conditions anywhere along its length. The sensor cable is comprised of two steel conductors individually insulated with ... Protectowire on cable trays, conveyors, angle irons, I-beams, bar joists. BCP.
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Using Linear Heat Detection for Conveyor Applications

FyreLine linear heat cable can be easily installed in any conveyor system and should be placed at each side of the rollers. This enables the detection system to identify and locate a fire at any point along the conveyor belt and raise an alarm allowing appropriate action to be taken.
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Combustible gas detector for the Power Generation Industry

The Power Generation Industry increasingly demands CONSPEC Controls equipment for the detection and monitoring of carbon monoxide, methane, and other toxic or combustible gases found in coal-burning plants, including those using Powder River Basin (PRB) coal.
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HCDMFixed temperature heat sensing cable&#;C

HCDMFixed temperature heat sensing cable&#;Cm General ... for many applications where standard heat detectors cannot be used. It is particularly suitable for applications such as coal conveyors, cable tunnels, cable trays, escalators, car parks and ... tempearature linear heat detection system is maintenance free.
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AP Sensing | Fiber Optic Distributed Temperature Sensing

AP Sensing’s Linear Heat Series solution was chosen to provide quick and reliable fire detection along a coal conveyor belt at a coking plant in Germany. The entire conveyor system consists of two sections, perpendicularly connected, with a total length of approximatelymeters.
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One of the commonly used linear heat sensors is the Insulation-Melting Type Linear Heat Sensor. It consists of a twisted pair of steel conductors which are insulated from each other by a polymer coating.
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Signaline Linear Heat Detection

Linear heat detection provides early detection of fire conditions or overheating of equipment, plant or the surrounding area. Signaline linear heat detection cables are conventional heat detectors in a linear form. They sense heat anywhere along their length and are designed to be used in …
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The Signaline FT range of linear heat detection cable is UL Listed and FM approved. Alarm Point Distance Locator (APDL) The APDL is an optional Alarm Point Distance Locating device exclusively for use with Signaline FT heat sensing cables.
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Signaline Linear Heat Detection basics – LGM Products

anyone used linear heat sensing cable on coal conveyors DO NOT use analogue linear heat detector cables if the normal ambient temperature is likely to be above&#;C e.g. in engine bays of vehicles. DO NOT use analogue linear heat detector cables if sudden changes of temperature can be expected under normal working conditions.
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Early fire dectection for mine conveyor systems, industrial plant, combustible storage tanks, road and rail tunnels throughout all areas, achieved by Advanced Photonics linear heat detection fibre optic cable. anyone used linear heat sensing cable on coal conveyors
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My title

linear heat sensing cable. The DTL conventional controller provides a fire and fault ... The analogue linear heat cable is suitable for many applications where conventional heat detectors cannot be used. The cable is particularly suitable for applications such as coal conveyors, power cable tunnels, and cable trays. Standard Features
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Linear Heat Sensing Cable System

With desire to cement our reputation in the market, we are engaged in manufacturing and importing Linear Heat Sensing Cable. Offered cable is designed to provide early detection of fire conditions and overheating in circumstances where other forms of detection would not be viable.
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System Sensor introduces Linear Heat Sensing (LHS) Cable ...

System Sensor Linear Heat Sensing Cable has two different variants – Digital LHS Cable and Analogue LHS Cable. Digital LHS Cable: A "switching " cable where a change in state of internal insulationcaused by temperature rise to a pre-defined levelallows a short circuit or "hot junction" to occur between two twisted tin plated copper ...
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AP Sensing Technology

AP Sensing’s linear heat series minimizes your operational costs and performs extremely reliable by using a standard fiber optic cable which has no active components or electronic sensors … anyone used linear heat sensing cable on coal conveyors
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Cablevey Cable Conveyor Systems Home | Cablevey Conveyors

Cablevey cable conveyor & tubular drag conveyor systems are the gentle, clean and cost-effective way to move materials around your production facility.
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The total amount of linear heat sensing cable per tray is determined by the width of the ... environment in coal conveyors, fire detection systems used in such applications must be engineered for this type of service. The SS Linear Heat Sensing Cable meet these
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An example of the application of sensor cable is illustrated below, in the figure below. The sensing cable is located in close proximity to the belt conveyor, thereby providing “local” fire protection.
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Fire Detection & Protection System | GMW Pvt. Ltd.

Sprinkler System: Linear Heat Sensing cable / Smoke or Heat Detector detects the fire and sprinklers operate automatically through Installation of control Alarm Valve .Thereby extinguishing the fire. Fixed Foam System – Fixed Foam System is effective in extinguishing large areas of liquid fire especially fire in oil fields, petrochemical ... anyone used linear heat sensing cable on coal conveyors
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